Who are you?

Who are you? Are you your work? Are you where you live? Are you the house you live in? Are you your parents? Are you your children? Are you your church? Are you your community? Are you your clothes? Are you your hobbies? Are you your pets? Are you what you hate? Are you what …

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A photo of a mirror saying "Who are you?"

Grief moving forward?

 How do you define grief moving forward? In response to one of my emails, someone posted this question on Facebook… you asked that we comment on your email regarding: “Anger, regret and guilt are among the stickiest issues when it comes to grief. Resolving them is key to your grief moving forward.” My difficulty with …

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Grief quote and photo.

Normal Grief vs Complicated Grief: Is it moving?

When it comes to normal grief vs complicated grief, the only criteria that matters is whether it’s moving or not. It’s not about timelines or symptoms. And it’s often hard to tell whether it’s actually moving or just spinning around in place. Photo Credit: GermanGirl

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