I hate grief memoirs!

I really hate grief memoirs. Why? Just because you’ve experienced grief does not make you an expert on grief. It only makes you an expert on YOUR grief. So why are so many people out there peddling products and services to help the grieving with no other credential than their own grief, and unhealed grief …

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Is it Okay to Fall Apart?

In Western culture, death and grieving are often seen as something to be avoided at all costs. We’re certainly not supposed to fall apart. Wrong! Sometimes we just need to fall apart and it doesn’t need to be “treated”. Throughout the grieving process what most need more than anything else, is to have their grief …

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Grief Is Not The Enemy

Grief and loss often get confused by people who are grieving. They think what they’re experiencing in their grief is something to be gotten over, mistakenly believing it’s the grief that’s the problem. It’s not. If there’s an enemy here, it’s the loss itself not the grief that follows it. Grief is the means by …

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