Crossing out Plan A, Plan B

Make a Plan for Getting Through The Holidays When You’re Grieving

Crossing out Plan A, Plan B

When it comes to grief and the holidays, making a plan is essential. I don’t generally recommend a Plan C but I do recommend a Plan A and a Plan B.

You really don’t know how you’re going to feel when the holiday gets here but you can make a plan nonetheless. It might be just to go along with what the rest of the family wants. It might be to just skip the whole darn thing. Or maybe you have a clear idea of what you want whether it’s the same as in years past or very, very different. Whatever it is make a plan.

But what is you don’t want to follow through on your plan when the holiday actually gets here? That’s where Plan B comes in. Make an optional plan in case it just feels too hard. It might be you decide to stay home and watch movies. It might be you go for a short time and then go home. Maybe you want to show up after the hoopla. Maybe you just get in the car and go for a ride. Maybe you’ll decide to check on a neighbor who is alone. It really doesn’t matter. All you’re trying to do is get through the day.

Maybe your Plan B is a plan of what you’re going to do if it just gets too overwhelming for you. It might be you give yourself permission to leave Just make sure you parked your car down the street so you’re not blocked in and can get out. Maybe you’ll plan to take a walk if it gets to be too much. Or maybe you’ll decide to take a nap. It doesn’t really matter what your plan is as long as it’s a plan that will work for you.

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