I was still mad as hell…

This is such an wonderful description of the anger of grief…

As I grew older, I realized this thing I’d been alternately dealing with and avoiding was grief, and probably anger. Logically, I knew it didn’t make sense to be angry. It was no one’s fault. She didn’t choose this. But I was still mad as hell and didn’t know where to put it or what to do with it.

~ Thinky Thursday: Grief

Just because he or she died is such a common response to death, and there are thousands of other reasons to be angry…

• Difficult relationships that never got resolved.

• Inadequate medical treatment.

• Medical treatment that prolonged suffering.

• He or she didn’t go to the doctor soon enough.

• You couldn’t get them to the doctor soon enough.

• He or she refused treatment.

• Being left with the lawn to mow, the car to maintain and cooking to learn.

• Loss of your future plans.

• Being left without money.

• Secrets discovered after they died.

• Accidents, homicides and suicide.

• Not having had a chance to say goodbye.

• Friends who have abandoned you.

• A promise you made you don’t want to keep or can’t.

• The stupid things people have said.

• God let him or her die.

• …and so many more.

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