Photo of breakfast overlooking the beach

Taking a break from grief

So today I rest…distract myself with a frivolous book, a good friend and a browse through my favorite cottage shop…to give my mind, soul and body a reprieve.

Just for today.

Read Grief Weary?

Yes, taking a break!

In the first few months of grief, we all go through daily life on autopilot while our emotions and thoughts are consumed by loss.

Photo of breakfast overlooking the beach

This 24/7 obsession is normal, but our hearts and bodies are not equipped to grieve continually. Sooner or later our grief naturally evolves and we’re ready to take a break. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a bit of a push in the direction of some R&R.

It is not disloyal. It does not mean we’re forgetting. It does not mean we’re done. It does mean we have healed enough to begin taking good care of ourselves again.

So what kind of a break might you take? Read a book? Go to a movie? Go out to dinner with friends? Go away for the weekend? Maybe even take a real vacation?

Photo Credit: Annika Banfield

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2 thoughts on “Taking a break from grief”

    1. Susan

      Thank you! Grief feels so overwhelming that we often don’t think about taking a break but it can be very helpful to do so.

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