Complicated Grief

Grief moving forward?

 How do you define grief moving forward? In response to one of my emails, someone posted this question on Facebook… you asked that we comment on your email regarding: “Anger, regret and guilt are among the stickiest issues when it comes to grief. Resolving them is key to your grief moving forward.” My difficulty with

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Grief quote and photo.

Grieving Previous Losses

I think that’s why grief triggers can be so insidious. I think they’re just triggering the grief of my most recent loss, but it might actually be a compounded pain they trigger. One pain leads to another, leads to another, leads to another. They get all wrapped up in each other and almost indistinguishable… Each

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Graphic of a head full of bubbles

Is it trauma?

Is your grief changing? I’m NOT asking if it’s better. I’m NOT asking if you’re over it. I am asking, has your grief changed? During the first few months of a normal grieving process, it’s likely you have gone through many cycles of feeling better and feeling worse and feeling better and feeling worse again.

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Graphic of the word trauma.

Osama bin Laden is Dead

A Special Report…5…4…3…2…1… and then… Osama bin Laden is dead! I expected something other than the complex and conflicting emotions running through me. Joy really wasn’t one of them. How can you feel joy when someone has gone so far off the rails and caused so much tragedy and pain? No joy wasn’t it. Closure?

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Photo of 9/11 Fireman's Memorial
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