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Grief and Regret: The Would’ves, Should’ves, Could’ves

I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently about grief and regret. Honestly I’ve never known anyone not to have some regrets during the grieving process, so I recorded this video addressing some of the most common kinds of would’ves, should’ves, could’ves.

In a recent survey, anger, regrets and guilt were at the top of the list of concerns of people who are grieving.

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2 thoughts on “Grief and Regret: The Would’ves, Should’ves, Could’ves”

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    Thank you, Susan, for reminding about the feelings of guilt and regret being normal. I needed to hear that again. All of us have internal chatter that does not serve us. The next time I start hearing this chatter, I’ll recognize it, and change my thoughts right in their tracks. And, last but not least, thank you for sharing your expertise and years of experience. Peace and Blessings.

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