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Pathways Through Grief

Cultivate curiosity, creativity, and resilience, as you move through the chaos and despair of early grief, and learn to weave a life that honors your past while embracing new possibilities…even if you believe none of that is possible.

An uphill rocky path.

Community and learning for those who are grieving a death.

A compassionate space combining education, support, and connection for individuals navigating the complexities of grief. Through shared experiences, resources, and learning opportunities, “Pathways Through Grief” will foster healing, personal growth, and a sense of belonging during your grief journey.

A place for you no matter where you are in your journey.

Step into a place where individuals in early grief, along with those further along and even those moving beyond it, come together to inspire hope and resilience in each other.

Available for all grieving styles, personalities and preferences.

Discover an inclusive space catering to all grieving styles, personalities, and preferences. Whether you prefer to grieve privately or seek connection, your unique approach will be embraced. Engage in a tranquil environment for personal reflection or connect with others who understand.

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