Struggling With Your Grief?

Here Are The Things You Need To Know…

What You Can Expect

What You Need to Avoid

Obstacles You May Need to Overcome

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Module 1 What to Expect: Normal Grief Reactions

  • Downloadable List of Normal Grief Reactions
  • Video: No, You Are NOT Going Crazy
  • Video: Grief is More Than Sadness and Tears
  • Video: What Can Help

Module 2 What to Avoid: The Myths of Grief

  • Download: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Myths about Grief
  • Video: The Myths of Grief

Module 3 Obstacles to Overcome: Anger, Regret & Guilt

  • Video: Introduction to Healing Anger, Regret & Guilt
  • Video: What’s Really Going On With Anger, Regret & Guilt?
  • Video: The 4 Step Framework for Working Through Anger, Regret & Guilt

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