Photo of a heart made out of stones

On Recovering from Grief

Photo of a heart made out of stones

This is a great conversation between a father and daughter about the grief following a death they shared. In my experience their observations about the grieving process are right on target.

I especially liked this passage about how the conversation changes over time.

I think we found talking about all of this at first very difficult — that’s the wrong word — very sad, I guess would be better. And it was. But if you look back over the past several years, you’ll see that the dialogue underwent a slow metamorphosis — from a conversation about death and sorrow to one about life. During experiences that we’ve had together recently, when someone has said “I wish Mom were here” or “I wish Mom could see this” those statements have no longer sounded fraught with sorrow but more of an acknowledgement of what she is missing simply because she is not here.

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Has your experience been like this or different? I’d love to hear.

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