Young woman peeking through the trees.

When You’re Grieving, Anticipation is Harder than the Reality

Young woman peeking through the trees.

Anticipation of any holiday is almost always worse than the reality. This is also true for every birthday, anniversary and special day you may have shared.

Your apprehension is understandable. You don’t know exactly how you’re going to feel. You know you’re going to be sad and you imagine it’s all going to be positively awful with nothing to redeem it. That may be true, but then again, maybe not. 

The truth is it’s almost never as bad as any of us expect and we all sigh with great relief when it’s over.

Even though you may fear the worst, and the days themselves may be very, very difficult, they are rarely as terrible as you expect.

Much of this has to do with having so many possible scenarios running through our heads beforehand. We try to prepare for every possible contingency. But when the day actually arrives, we don’t have to live with a hundred and one days of hell. We only have to get through the one.

This is one of the reasons planning your holidays ahead of time can reduce much of the stress. When you have a plan in place, the massive contingency planning will stop. With a plan in place you can at least narrow things down to a Plan A and a Plan B.  Much easier to contemplate, don’t you think?

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