Grief Knows the Way

Language always falls short when it comes to grief. Music, art, poetry, and movement probably grasp the struggle much more accurately than the words we end up using as approximations of an unfathomable experience. So I get the discomfort many feel with the word “accept,” especially since it has a connotation of agreeing with or […]

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Photo of a woman in the child pose (yoga).

But What If It’s Trauma?

Please note: Not all deaths cause trauma. Not all grief is traumatic. But sometimes, for reasons that are not always clear, a death triggers a traumatic response. When it does, life becomes unmanageable for years until it is properly treated. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been hearing some horrific stories of loss.

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Title Graphic: But What If It's Trauma?

When Death Opens Doors

My world turned upside down when my mother died. She was too young. I was too young. And my sister was way too young But lose her we did, and it changed the entire trajectory of my life..  It led me to therapy school (M.A. in Counseling Psychology). Not a particularly practical degree for hospice

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A door open a crack.

The Peril of Religious Services When You’re Grieving…and Some Solutions

Religious services can be fraught with discomfort.  Sometimes it’s as simple as being in such a public environment without the person you love. For others, it’s the looks of pity you may be getting from others. If religious services are difficult for you, here are some options: • Don’t go. Though it may feel obligatory,

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A circle representation of the religious symbols for Christianity,, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism.
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