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Healing into Wholeness

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Healing means becoming whole.

Period. End of story.

It does not mean returning to a previous state of being as I heard someone say on the radio the other day.

All it means is becoming whole.

After the experience of death and the grief that follows, that wholeness will be dramatically different from what we may have experienced before but it is wholeness nonetheless.

It’s a wholeness that incorporates the experience of loss into who we are.

It’s a wholeness that incorporates the lessons we learned through the grieving process into who we are in the present moment.

And most important of all, it is a wholeness that incorporates the memory of the person who died into our very being. That includes everything they ever gave us, the things they taught us, and the way they loved us.

Now that is wholeness and it is where grief takes us when we have the courage to follow.

Photo Credit: Adrian van Leen

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